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Smart Training Workshop

Many firms invest large amounts on product development only to neglect developing skills that transfer those benefits to customers.  If users do not really understand your product they will not use it to its full potential and not receive maximum benefit.  Their success with your product and any future sales could be greatly impacted by poor understanding of its capabilities.

Our custom designed Smart Training Workshop is a two-day session that helps your trainers better convey the intent and benefits of your products to the customer base.

With years of experience at many Fortune 500 and defense industry firms, the staff at Business Smart has developed training programs, written manuals and created programs to "train the trainer".  The Smart Training Workshop works with your trainers to develop their teaching techniques and classroom methodology.  Your staff will receive a comprehensive understanding on how to structure a training session to generate audience interest, how to quickly convey key critical principles and how to organize for greater understanding.

If we look back, most of us can recall an outstanding instructor which changed our perspective on a subject.  Unfortunately, not everyone is born a great teacher.  However, if prepared with the proper techniques and methodology, your teaching can also be extremely effective and memorable for students.

Topics covered include:

  • Teaching effectively is more than understanding the subject
  • Getting the big picture - how to get and convey it
  • Techniques for developing student interest
  • Using a story as part of your teaching technique
  • Using a story as part of your teaching technique
  • Organizing a topic for maximum effect
  • Planning a captivating outline
  • Psychology of Learning - using techniques in your instruction
  • The three methods of communication
  • Renaissance teaching
  • Teach by example & the Internship Method
  • Making the training real
  • Using life examples to communicate the topic
  • The all important finale

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