Plan for trade show success!

Smart Shows Workshop

During trade shows, there is a limited window of opportunity to attract potential customers.  Show attendees decide in a split second whether to stop at your booth or move on to the next.  Exhibitors that get the most business from trade shows are those that have the best plan of execution.  Without a well-developed action plan, a show can become just an expensive exercise with little reward.

What is the secret to a successful show?  There are many factors which work together to generate success.  Getting visitors into your booth is only the first step - what you do when they arrive is as much if not more critical.

We at Business Smart work with you to develop understanding of your product, your company, your marketplace and your competition.  It is important that your strategy is built around these factors.  The Smart Shows Seminar is then tailored to address and incorporate those issues.

A one-day workshop, the Smart Shows Seminar will provide your staff with strategies and tips on how to attract people into your booth and quickly determine if they are potential customers.  Your staff will participate in "role-playing" to develop and refine their exhibit techniques.

For maximum benefit, the seminar should be scheduled seven to eight weeks before your show allowing time to incorporate the enhanced messaging plan, new booth procedures, demonstration techniques and product positioning strategy.

Be prepared before your next show for greater success and a higher return-on-investment!

Topics covered include:

  • Preparations before the Show
  • What makes your booth successful
  • Use money making signs in your booth
  • How to get prospects into your booth - and qualify them for further action
  • Socratic techniques for trade show prospects 
  • Sales Literature and " Return-On-Investment"
  • Creating the need!
  • Avoid the trade show "No - No's"
  • Creating successful Demonstrations for trade shows
  • Using effective body language 
  • Connecting with Potential Customers
  • Follow-up after the show - enhance your success!

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