Make your demo successful!

Smart Demos Workshop

The most important factor affecting success is the perception your customers have of your products or services.  Therefore, it is most important that those demonstrating your products clearly present the strengths and benefits in a manner which creates a compelling reason to buy.

The Smart Demos Workshop is a coached three-day interactive session designed to work with your staff to develop effective personal demonstration skills.  Your demo staff will be taught an effective and proven methodology which can applied to any demonstration.  During the workshop each participant continually refines his/her demonstration technique,  incorporating cognitive psychology skills and numerous motivating techniques to rapidly evolve their presentation message.  Video feedback is used to ensure that these tools are correctly utilized to enhance your sales opportunities and help shorten the sales cycle.  Using instructor and audience scrutiny, participants repeatedly refine and develop their demo expertise.  The demo will become your new powerful marketing tool!

Business Smart works with you to gain understanding of your products, your competition, your current presentation methods and business philosophy.  We custom design the Smart Demos Workshop to address specific topics tailored to your industry and your competition helping you to create powerful messaging which best positions your product in today's competitive environment.

Topics covered include:

  • Guarantee your message is clear!
  • Developing efficient presentation skills for demos
  • Using the Socratic method to achieve your goals
  • Presenting to the prospects needs
  • Making the demo exciting!
  • Structuring the demo for maximum effect
  • Enhancing each demo segment - aligning with your objectives
  • Creating powerful demo dialogue
  • Effectively handling objections and converting to your benefit
  • Competitive Positioning of your product
  • How to handle the difficult prospect
  • Using psychological tools for proper product image perception
  • Correctly presenting Return on Investment
  • Interactive demo analysis and audience review

Workshop Objectives:

    After completing your Smart Demos Workshop participants will:

  • Present more effective demonstrations with higher success rates in closing sales.
  • Energize content and power of the message, strengthening their presentation skills.
  • Improve specific demonstration skills and habits leading to more effective message delivery.
  • Discover how to position products to create and deliver compelling messages.
  • Know how to emphasize your products strengths and draw attention to competitors shortcomings without slamming the competition.
  • Be able to quickly and clearly demonstrate what makes your product unique.

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