Tubing Environment Setup

CATIA Tubing Administation

The staff at Business Smart has been involved in the setup and administration of CATIA Tubing applications at numerous installation sites across North America since its introduction as a V5 product. Most company projects have very specific requirements for their tubing applications that define the types of materials allowed, types of bends, heat treatments applied, test pressure values, specific fitting part numbers and other manufacturing attributes and formats. Each environment has been tailored to the manner in which each specific company and program does their business and to the organization's requirements.

We have also created Tubing methodology manuals for each production environment which have served as both company user training documents and design procedure reference guidelines. Many innovative methodologies have been successfully devised to efficiently address specific corporate design requirements. One of our customers recently assessed our environment enhancements and methodolgy implementation to result in a measured 45% reduction in their tubing subsystem design time.

While the CATIA Tubing Design product has been very successfully used at customer sites worldwide, when the product is installed out of the box, only one type of ideal generic material is provided. This material does not incorporate springback allowances, wall thickness values, test pressure ratings, tape label designations and other attributes which are generally required by designers to specify for manufacturing. Companies usually have a specific set of materials, nominal sizes, tube thickness, etc. that are specific to their material purchasing programs and projects. In order for tube designs to reflect these materials, the Tubing software environment must be set up to support the procurement resources.  Once these specific materials have been configured, the only attention typically required would be for addition of new sizes and/or material types.

Business Smart can work with your organization to generate the attributes and materials required to enable CATIA Tubing Design to provide the proper environment to make your design programs successful. We can also assist in developing user documentation with optimized methodologies which incorporate procedures to reflect the manner in which you do business. Let Business Smart assist to make your Tubing Design implementation both successful and efficient!


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