CAD Project Management

Investment in CAD/CAM software is a significant overhead for any organization and therefore extremely important for businesses to get the most from this asset as quickly as possible. For projects relating to your CAD/CAM activities, it is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the interaction and interdependency of all areas relating to your CAD/CAM site. Understanding how the entire CAD process integrates and interacts, helps immensely in managing related projects.

During the last several decades, the Business Smart staff has been involved in managing numerous CAD projects. We have performed extensive CAD assessment evaluations, design to manufacturing methodology programs, CAD implementation activities, customizations setups and numerous additional CAD/CAM events. This experience helps immensely when managing CAD projects by helping to anticipate problematic areas, having a clear awareness of the time required for particular activities and having an understanding of the true sequence of activities required to bring an activity to completion.

Business Smart is available to help assure that your CATIA project is successfully managed and ready to assist your organization in meeting its goals with a focus on profitability while maintaining cost efficiency. Business Smart is ready to make your project a success!



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