Design Methodology

Design Methodology

Having the proper software tools for a project is certainly important however, using those tools in the most efficient manner can make the difference between mediocre or highly successful results. CAD software tools are a costly investment and it is important that your staff convey their design intent to the CAD data in an easy to process, effective yet flexible manner. It is also critical that the data be constructed in a manner that lends itself to downstream modification and propagation of change.

Engineering change is a guaranteed part of any product development cycle. Too often these changes become difficult or impossible to incorporate in the CAD design due to unsatisfactory and inflexible design methodology. Much time can be lost in rebuilding data that should only have required a few minutes or less of modification. Had a more clearly understood process been initially used, hours and in some cases weeks of work could have been saved.

Not only is the designer affected by poor methodology but additionally, downstream staff which must receive and process the data. Much extra time can be lost in reworking or even completely remodeling data to conform to analysis, manufacturing, tolerancing or other requirements. Therefore, not only is it important to develop efficient methodologies but they must be tailored to the way you do business and to compliment your organization's needs. In order for any design methodologyto be successful, there must be a clear vision of how all CAD aspects fit together and also work well with an organization's business processes. Only then can you maximize your company's investment in CAD software.  

With several decades of service to the CAD industry, the staff at Business Smart can help to develop and document design methodologies which contribute in making your process successful. Working with companies throughout the Americas and in Europe since the 1980's, we have gained considerable exposure to a wide variety of unique techniques for addressing challenging design problems. The staff at Business Smart has consulting experience in the aerospace, automotive, consumer product, mining, and marine industries among others. With this customer history, coupled with work experience and degrees in both Engineering and Education, we possess an exceptional mixture of skills for creating methodologies that are efficient and in developing procedural documents which communicate clear easy to follow guidelines.


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