About us

About Us

Business Smart is a world-leading provider of software and engineering support to industries involved in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, assisting organizations in meeting their design goals and increasing profitability through optimized methodologies while maintaining cost efficiency.

Founded in 2002, Business Smart was started by Paul Creteau who has 26 years in the CAD/CAM industry. As part of the core fifteen person Dassault Systemes support staff in United States in the early 1980s, Paul traveled throughout North America, South America and Europe providing support for CATIA customers for several decades. During this time, he worked with users in many different industries assisting to decrease CATIA design times and streamline process flow from design through manufacturing. The opportunity to work with hundreds of different companies in many different industries at multiple worldwide locations, provided exposure to countless unique and challenging situations which required development of techniques and methodologies for resolving each issue. Often, insight gained from one industry was beneficial in developing a resolution for another. We consider this exposure a strong contributor to our success.

Our CAD/CAM services address areas of:

  • Reduced design time,
  • Higher product quality,
  • Implementing efficient, time reducing design methodologies,
  • Improved design practices for downstream applications,
  • Enhanced user understanding of software capabilities.

In 1996, Paul was given the task of developing and executing a marketing training program for IBM's engineering software design marketing presenters and demonstrators of CATIA throughout North America. As a result, sales increased 24% the first year and the training was made mandatory for all IBM and Dassault demonstrators of CATIA in North America. Some of the skills addressed were:

  • Public speaking techniques
  • Building relationship with the customer
  • Pre presentation/demonstration activities
  • Effective demonstration skills
  • Objection handling techniques
  • Demonstration building and layout
  • Capturing the customer's interest

In addition to being a degreed Mechanical Engineer with a strong background in materials engineering, Paul also has a degree in Education with experience teaching Chemistry and Physics. This background has proved very beneficial in developing successful teaching, public speaking and technical presentation skills.

From its inception, Business Smart has focused on CAD/CAM technical support, training and technical marketing services. Business Smart is committed to working with your organization to help meet its goals through a cost effective process.

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